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If I See One More Gold Charger and Chiavari Chair……

Honestly, there is absolutely nothing wrong with gold chargers and chiavari chairs and given the right event both can be stunning.

But wouldn’t it be exciting if rental inventory looked more like interior design? I have always had a passion for interior design, perhaps I missed my calling or perhaps my calling is to carve out this little niche.

Don’t get me wrong rental inventory is expensive and historically most vendors want to make sure their pieces have staying power and fall within industry standards. Which tends to make those inventories look somewhat similar and lacking in options. I’m throwing that standard out of the proverbial window!

There is an abundance of durable goods from all around the world that can be used when producing event environments that are on trend and fresh.

Minimalism and mid-century modern are design aesthetics rarely used or even discussed in the industry, but they should be.

Design using globally sourced pieces grace the pages of every interior design magazine, but rarely translates into event spaces in any significant way. And as such the dream and opportunity are born…

I’ve taken beautiful and useful pieces from around the world and made them the centerpiece of my inventory. I fell in love with the handwoven baskets from as far away as Rwanda but as close as South Carolina. We feature recycled cotton blankets that are designed using modern applications but produced using traditional wooden pedal looms by artisans in Mexico.

Curating an inventory to this degree is time consuming and sometimes exhausting. But the end result is special. So special that I’ve taken select pieces from our inventory and made them available in our marketplace.

As we the world evolves to be more inclusive and global, so should the special events industry. This is my contribution to that end..the return to natural fibers, using wood, clay, recycled glass, leather and grasses to create environments that look and feel different.


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