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Coming In Hot….

I’m hopeful that as humans we have finally come to understand that climate change is in fact real and that the petroleum industry’s own scientists have known this to be true since the 1970’s. Period. Everything and anything to the contrary is propaganda.

I want to get serious for just a minute and talk about sustainability, fossil fuels and plastic. Here’s my hot take and some shocking statistics:

  • Every single piece of plastic ever manufactured essentially still exists..and will for the next 500 years.

  • Plastics and man-made fibers are produced using fossil fuel, which is problematic, but the resiliency and lack of decomposition of these petroleum-based products is proving to be just as damaging as their greenhouse gas counterpart.

  • Forty percent of all plastics produced are for single-use, most commonly packaging, serviceware, bottles, wrappers, straws and bags. Less that 10% is recycled.

  • At least 14 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean annually – 80 percent of that plastic is single-use.

  • Decomposing plastic creates microplastics, in both marine (water) and terrestrial (land) environments. Microplastics are devastating to marine life when swallowed and contaminate food sources from leaching toxic heavy metals and carcinogens.

  • For the first time microplastic pollution has been detected in human blood. Finding tiny particles in 80% of the people tested. We consume the particles via food, water and air.

  • The world is just beginning to study the effects of microplastics on human cells, but the problem is considered urgent by a majority of the scientific community.

Hopefully the days of irresponsible consumption area coming to an end, because the house is literally and figuratively of fire.

It would be a contradiction to produce beautiful events outside while simultaneously contributing to environmental pollution, so we don’t. As least we try very hard not to. We like to keep it simple…buy small, buy natural, nothing overprocessed. Recycle or compost everything possible, avoid single use plastics and petroleum-based fabrics.

That’s it. That’s the mission.


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